2019-2020 Musical Theater Classes

Musical Theater Beginner

This class is geared toward the elementary student who has between 0-3 yrs experience in voice, danc

This class is for Elementary age students with 0-3 yr experience in voice, dance, and/or acting.  Each class meets once weekly and performs in the 

show in Early April 2020

Cast I

 meets Saturdays  from  10am-noon.

Cast II

meets weekly 4pm-5:30pm

Musical Theater Intermediate I


This class is for the late Elementary age - Middle School for students with 2-5 yrs experience in drama, voice, and or dance.  Middle School students without experience may also join this class.  

Cast I

Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00pm Weekly beginning in August.  Show will be in early June.

Cast II

Thursdays 6:15-8:15 Weekly beginning in late January.  Show in early June.  

Musical Theater Intermediate II


This class is for the more advanced Intermediate through Advanced student.  Students should be in 6-10th grade.   Show will be in Late April 2020.

Cast I

Wednesdays 7-8:30pm Weekly beginning in August.  

Cast II

Thursdays 4:45-6:15 weekly beginning in August.  

Registration opens June 30, 2019

All classes except for Cast II Into the Woods will begin registration August 30, 2019.  

Tuition for each class will be $95 per month.  

Costume Fee for Each Class is $75.

Material Fee $55

Registration Fee $45

Register Here

Learn More at Open Houses

Open Houses will be held in the beginning of August 2019.  Watch here for dates and times.