Showcase Classes

Showcase classes are for the student who loves to sing and dance.  These classes perform in TBPAA Showcases held four times a year.  The classes are progressive, but students can join throughout the year at the start of each session.

Session I  -- Aug-Oct               Showcase:  Creepy Kooky Mysterious & Spooky               Oct 25-26, 2019   

Session II -- Oct - Dec            Showcase:   Sleigh Ride                                                                 Dec 13-14, 2019

Session III  -- Jan-Feb            Showcase:   Latin Love                                                                   Feb  21-22, 2020

Session IV -- Mar-May            Showcase:   It's a Dance Party                                                     May 29-30, 2020


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Showcase Class I

Saturday  12:00-12:30pm

Beginners  ages 4-7

Showcase Class II

Tuesdays 8:00-8:45pm

Beginners ages 8-12